We hope you and your family have been safe and well. We take our part in maintaining the health and safety of our patients, staff, and our greater community very seriously. In order to achieve that goal, our office has been recently updated with new air purifiers and new tile flooring, which is frequently bleach cleaned. We have also implemented the following new policies in order to minimize time spent in the office, minimize patient contact with surfaces, and completely eliminate contact with other patients. Please take note of these changes below:

1) If you are currently sick, or have fever, sore throat, or cough, please wait for 2 weeks after your symptoms have completely resolved before making an appointment. If you already have an appointment scheduled, then please contact us to reschedule your appointment for the following month. 

2) In order to avoid all contact with other patients, our waiting room will remain closed. All patients will wait inside their own cars (your personal waiting room), rather than in our waiting room. Please bring a mobile phone with you if possible so that you can contact us by phone when you arrive in our parking lot. Each patient will be invited from the car to enter the office and head immediately to a private patient exam room at the time of their visit. Our staff will open all office doors, so that patients will not have to touch any door handles. All patient rooms will be individually disinfected after each patient visit.

3) All patients are strongly encouraged to complete all online paperwork prior to their office visit and bring it to the office at the time of their appointment. If that is impossible, you will be offered the opportunity to complete your paperwork in your car when you arrive.

4) As some studies have shown the release of millions of viral particles with each exhalation, even from asymptomatic COVID-19 patients, it is now our policy—like most physician offices and even many stores—that all people are required to wear a mask or facial covering of their nose and mouth prior to entering the office. If you do not have access to a mask, our office has a limited supply that it can share at the time of the appointment for the price of $1.00. If you require an exam of facial skin beneath the mask, the mask will be removed during the exam of that area only. Dr. Morello does not perform exams inside the mouth (oral cavity) or inside the nasal passages. Please be aware that our office staff will also be wearing surgical masks during your visit.

5) No one is allowed inside the office other than the patient who is scheduled to be seen, unless the patient is a minor, in which case one guardian only will be allowed to accompany the patient. An exception will also be made for individuals who wish to have their Legal Power of Attorney (POA) with them.

6) Because Covid-19 viral particles have been demonstrated to aerosolize when flushing toilets, our restrooms will unfortunately remain closed. Please be sure to attend to these needs prior to arriving at our office. We hope these new policies will help to maximize everyone’s safety.

As patient safety is our utmost priority, we ask you to join with us in these efforts during these difficult times. Together, we hope for one day soon when we can all return to handshakes, smiles, and laughter. Thank you and welcome back to the New Atlantic Boulevard Dermatology.
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